Saving bookmarks.
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I am trying to delete the current bookmarks in my Firefox. Now, I exported them all to my computer. My question is, once I have the bookmarks deleted in my Firefox, the exported ones in my computer, will they still show up? I do not want to lose them.
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If you go to "Organize Bookmarks"(Ctrl+Shft+B), select "Import and Backup," then export and save your bookmarks as an HTML file(bookmarks.html) then they're yours to keep as long as you don't delete that file.
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I have moved all my bookmarks to delicious dot com and it's great.

Now the bookmarks are organized by tags, easy to keep track off, and no longer bog down the computer.

My startpage is my delicious *startpage tag page, which has the bookmarks that I use the most.
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I have Delicious but I cannot upload all my bookmarks there at once because it's more than 5mb. Thank you guys! :)
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