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I am looking for a website that sells perfume. The company takes bottles of store-bought perfume and uses sterile pipettes to transfer it into smaller containers. It sell these smaller amounts, which is nice because the perfume gets used before it degrades. I found it about a year ago, but now I can't seem to locate it. Thanks!
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Best answer: The Perfumed Court does this!
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There's a few places like this - LuckyScent is one of them.
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I came in to recommend The Perfumed Court as well, though I've had great experiences with LuckyScent as well. There are more linked here (not my blog! Just something I bookmarked because I found it helpful).

(btw: hello, name-friend :-P)
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Response by poster: The Perfumed Court is the one...but thanks for the other links.
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Psst, The Perfumed Court is running a sale through Monday -- 15% off the entire site. Code is PUMPKINPIE.
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Wait, perfume "degrades"? Even if kept airtight and so on?
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It depends on the perfume contents and how/where you store it. If you keep perfume exposed to light, yes, it will break down.

Some people believe that perfume goes rancid. Definitely some fragrances change over time, especially those formulated from organic material. Sometimes this is bad. Sometimes this is an improvement. Sometimes, your body chemistry isn't going to play nice no matter what you do and you'll either burn through a perfume in thirty seconds or wind up smelling like a skunk regardless of how new/old a perfume is.

So short answer: yes, perfume changes. Whether it degrades is in the nose of the beholder.
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You can slow the rate of chemical reaction by storing parfum/cologne in your refrigerator.

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The Perfumed Court is super awesome!

If you want to do more searching, either on Google or on eBay (like for a specific perfume that Perfumed Court may not be carrying) the term you're looking for is "decanters" and "decants." (A decanter divides out a bottle of perfume into smaller units, which are called decants.)
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Just 1 data point, but I cannot recommend Lucky Scent. They charged my card, never shipped my order, and refused to answer emails or calls. This was shortly before they "shut down" a few years ago. I tried to contact them again after they came back into business, but to no avail. YMMV.
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