99 Luftballons, but orangeballons, and plus one
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I need to buy 100 *round* balloons, orange, at least 12" in diameter and no greater than 24" in diameter. They need to be delivered by mid-December to Quebec, Canada.

When I say "round" I mean "when inflated they should look round like a ball or a sphere, not 'balloon-shaped' balloons that look more light-bulby."

It is remarkably difficult, as it turns out, to find a non-dodgy supplier of a limited quantity of spherical orange balloons. Any help appreciated!
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Best answer: This site was recommended on a bridal site. The 36" (which are larger than what you want) are round. I would imagine the 17" are fairly round as well. They also have a Canadian site.
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Best answer: Here's one source.


Yet another.
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