Identifying late 60s/early 70s TV Show
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A friend of mine has requested me to track down a television show she has a dim memory of seeing as a child. She thought it might be a Night Gallery episode, but the ep guides that I've looked at haven't yielded anything that sounds promising.

In her words: "it is about the woman (I think-it was a long time ago and I was a little kid) who gets away with (killing someone?) because on the witness stand they hypnotize her and she reverts to a former life where she speaks French. So the defense argues that she isn’t herself but some incarnation of a past-life, French-speaking murderer. And then at the end she says, 'Thank you my French tutor.'"

My Google-fu has failed me, and I need to do actual work soon. Can anyone help, so I can salvage my reputation as a research goddess?
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How long ago? 10 years? 20? Could it have been a movie or was it definitely a tv show?

Trying but failing (so far) to use my own google-fu.
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Google yielded a few results, which led to this page for a DVD of Rod's Sterling "Night Gallery". I also found this page on IMDB for the pilot, and this page with the rest of the seasons. Maybe that's what you're looking for.
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routergirl: thanks for your help. She thinks it was a television show, and it does seem like some sort of Hitchcock or Sterling-esque serial twist. Some of our colleagues said it sounded like Night Gallery, but I can't find any episode guides that sound like what she describes. As for the age, I imagine she saw it around 25 years ago, or so, but who knows how old the show itself was.
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It sounds remarkably like an episode of "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" called Murder Me Twice, but that was from 1958. Maybe your friend saw that on a rerun, because the story is really astonishingly similar.
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Good timing. I was just about to report that I'd answered my own question: she was thinking about a 1985 remake of that episode with (heh) Buck Henry and Barbara Hershey. It only recently dawned on me that the plot wasn't macabre enough for "Night Gallery" purposes, and that I should try Hitchcock's show instead. Lessons leaned this reference go-round include always re-evaluate your search strategy, realize that everything trivial is on the web, and never underestimate how much older you are than your co-workers.
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Incidently, a fair number of the Night Gallery plots weren't very macabre at all, unless sticking Caesar Romero as Count Dracula trying to get a loan from a bloodbank strikes you as particularly macabre.

Many were, however.
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