LIVE! From Microsoft, it's WINDOWS SEVEN LIVE!! (Cue the sax...)
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Windows Live Movie Maker (WLMM) in Windows 7 versus Windows Movie Maker (WMM) running on 64bit Vista. When I upgrade my computers to Windows 7, I will be forced to use Windows Live MM. I love WMM and use it daily. What will I love and what will hate/miss when I finally have to go with WLMM?

I have been reading that "Windows Live Movie Maker is a streamlined version of Windows Movie Maker that eliminates many of the features that the general user doesnt need". That's scares me.

So what did they eliminate? Will my .MSWMM files be compatible? How about the custom titles/watermarks I made? Whats better about it?

Thanks in advance!
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Not answering your question exactly, but you can download WMM 2.6 at It works fine on 32-bit Win 7 so it might be worth a try on 64-bit. It seems to have a few awkward bits compared to whatever the classic WMM was on XP, but it's far more capable than WLMM.
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