Needed: Life coach in handy podcast form.
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Recommend a podcast that offers valuable life lessons, but isn't a self-help or career-builder type podcast. Just a human being in his/her 40s or older who's been around the block and has valuable hard-won wisdom to share. Even better: guests with similar life experience.

I'm not looking for an advice podcast or an instructional podcast, but rather, just a personable middle-aged person sitting there talking about whatever, but with the perspective of experience and wisdom. Something where I come away thinking, "Wow, those were some valuable insights."
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Sounds like you're looking for something like The Moth.

It is a radio show, but also in podcast, and its guests are people that just tell stories.
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As a fellow middle aged person, I find Marc Maron's schtick gets under my skin a bit at times but the interviews he has on his WTF podcast are often really wonderful. They often center around career building but standup comedians are kind of like boxers in that they take risks that most of us would do anything to avoid. They talk candidly about their failures.
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Marc Maron's WTF came to my mind as well. it's not exactly what you're looking for, but it's kinda close.
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I think The Story with Dick Gordon is a good choice. It's a bit more Boomer-oriented than The Moth - and it's also in-studio and quite thoroughly researched/edited, which is a major distinction. The folks he has on the show run the gamut, agewise, but I think it's a great place to hear stories by average folks who have extraordinary experiences. Wisdom abounds in almost every episode, often from unexpected places.
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You may like The Tobolowsky Files, which I found via the blue. He tells stories about his personal & professional lives, how they intertwine, and the lessons he's learned. Every now & then it's a tiny bit preachy, but the storytelling is SO GOOD and he's like a friendly neighbor or relative who just can sit & spin a yarn, drawing you in.
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I am going to recommend David Sedaris - he reads his own audio books, so that's kind of like a podcast. His books are in the non-fiction section and they contain a wealth of wisdom, along with being incredibly funny.
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You might like Being. It doesn't tend toward the quirky/humorous, but I always feel like it's loaded with insights and good, meaty thoughts about life to think over, and many of the guests fit your description exactly. Krista Tippet is an amazing host who asks really good, thoughtful questions. Love this show.
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Just a followup for anyone stumbling across this. I've had a chance to check out most of the podcast suggestions, and they're all worthwhile, but I'd have to say that The Tobolowsky Files fit what I was looking for 100%. I've never really had much opinion of him one way or another as an actor, but wow, is he a terrific storyteller, with a lot to say about living and loving. I'd recommend this highly to anyone looking for this kind of thing.
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