3D software for viewing .obj models!
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I'm looking for a simple, free 3D viewing software in which I could import an .obj I'd export from 3dsMax and allow me to rotate around it/zoom and the such.

I have a 3D project due to the beginning of next month and I'm in a situation where I'll have to make a trip of a few days away from home. I gotta try to keep working on the project anyways.

I'll be staying at my brother's place and he got a computer that's even stronger than mine so my only problem is dealing with the fact I can't bring my usual software along with me.

I'm at the texturing phase, so I do not really need to touch the actual geometry/modeling. All I'd need is for a way to preview my 3D model, rotate and zoom around it, etc., while I work on the textures and make adjustments in an image editing software.

I got my portable, open source image editing software but I'm in need of some sort of Model Viewer or something that could read a .obj since I'm fairly certain I can't install my 3dsMax more than on one computer with the license I got.

I guess in the worst case scenario I could find and install a full-fledged, open-source 3D editor like Blender?
Mainly, what worries me is that I'm in a hurry so I'd really need to get the simplest possible program to make sure I do not run into trouble and lose time, and also I do not want to install too much crap on my brother's computer.

I'd need something that will recognize the texture that is applied to my object upon importation and that won't break the paths to the texture files and cause me to squabble in settings...
Hopefully it'd update the model when I'd save changes in the texture files.
If it can handle a specular map and alphas it would be best but if I can work on my diffuse I guess it's alright.

So, anyone got some handy, light-weight model-viewer program or do I try my hand with Blender?

I feel like I'm over-worrying about this but whatever, I need to be reassured! XD
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Unity can import from Max, not sure about the obj format but it can do the native format or fbx.
Download a trial here.
or you can download the 3d studio trial at your brother's.I think it works for 30 days with full features.
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You could try Misfit Model 3D. I haven't played with it in several years, but it's simple and reads .obj files.
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Alternatively could you leave your home PC going and work on it using remote desktop software?
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If you don't need to be able to edit anything, the free version of Metasequoia should work perfectly well for viewing .obj files. Sometimes it gets a little confused regarding the texture file locations, but it is a pretty straightforward piece of software in my opinion. He has a good list of capabilities for the free version so you can check if it'll work for you.
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Oh but it's Windows only, which may matter quite a bit.
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Don't know that much about it, but there's a free 3dsmax app for iphone / ipad, that you can view models in.
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I take that back, I was thinking of a program that opens autocad programs.
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Thanks all. I tried many things, Metasequoia in the lot, but nothing worked in the end. Mainly, programs failed to recognize the way my UVs where already mapped.

I ended up using the 30 days demo of Max 2011, there were small compatibility issues with my 2009-made files but it worked out in the end.
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