Iphone jailbreak wisdom needed
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Iphone jailbreak, 4.1, tethering question from a sortof tech savvy sortof not guy.

Hi hivemind pals!

I have a jailbroken iphone 3gs but I am on an early version of 3- os

I want to update, I downloaded the 4.1 upgrade, didn't use it (I assume it is on my computer (windows vista FYI) somewhere), and I am unable to get itunes to find it to put it on my phone.

I use the free tethering function on my old jailbreak fairly regularly so my goal is to update the OS, not lose the few non official programs I have through cydia etc, and be able to tether without paying the appalling large fee on top of my already large fee I pay to AT&T.

I did the jailbreak last time, so I'm not a complete doofus, but not entirely clever either.


I want to install 4.1 even though 4.2 is out: How?
I want to Jailbreak 4.1 from my PC: How?

links and advice appreciated. walk me through it please!

Thanks and have a lovely holiday!
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In case it is of note, I am tethering (free on my data package) with my iphone 3GS right now. It's standard on this OS and has been for a little while, I think (maybe not before 4.0, though).

So I can't speak to the other aspects of your jailbroken-ness, but tethering won't be an issue post upgrade unless your carrier is a butt-head and has some bizarre lock on it.
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redmondpie.com has useful instructions for most of this.

Chances are an untethered jailbreak for 4.2 will be coming out any day now, so you might be best off just waiting for that (a tethered jailbreak is one that requires you to have the iPhone plugged into your computer every time you start it up, has nothing to do with tethered internet access you mention).

To install 4.1 now you'd need to have your SHSH blobs saved because Apple stops allowing old iOS versions when a new version is released. I'm not sure if you can save SHSH blobs for 4.1 when you're running 3.x, but worth a try. Use TinyUmbrella for this. These instructions would probably help with installing 4.1, although they assume you're downgrading from already-installed 4.2, but I think they'd work equally well for installing 4.1 in the first place.

To jailbreak 4.1, I used limera1n. Here are instructions.

(note that I'm on a Mac, but the tools and instructions I mentioned are also supposed to work on Windows)
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tethering won't be an issue post upgrade unless your carrier is a butt-head and has some bizarre lock on it

Welcome to America.
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It's true, tethering is a whopping 30 or 40 a month extra if memory serves.
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If you need the 4.1 firmware file, you can find it here.
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