Stuck key on a digital piano
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One of the keys on my digital piano just started sticking. How can I fix it?

I have a Roland HP 236, and the third-lowest B is sticking, often taking the C along with it. I'm not adverse to opening it up and poking around, but I've had a tough getting the case off. Has anyone fixed something like this before? And if it's as tough as it looks, is there such thing as a digital repairman? I don't think I could bring it somewhere; it's not going to fit in my car unless I can bend a few laws of physics.
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First off, compare the lateral movement of the B with other keys. Is there more movement? If yes, there's something wrong with the key attachment.
If not, make sure there's no finger-gunk between the key fronts, or other dust or dirt. Use cardboard bits of various sizes to slide between the keys and catch eventual obstacles. If you're sure they're clean, and there's nothing bent, or wobbly, perhaps you could get in some industrial silicone or other non-oily lubricant.

If that doesn't help, I'd drop Roland.US a note, or use their Dealer Locator to find a shop nearby for service.
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You could try some sort of electrical contact cleaner.
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It should not be difficult to take it apart and put it back together like it seems, unless you've tried it and it was indeed difficult.
My friend is a keyboardist and he has fixed several problems with his keyboard himself. I don't think he had a problem with keys sticking together. His major problems were with aftertouch and keys sinking down. I watched the whole process, and it did not look complicated. His keyboard was Yamaha Clavinova, and I forget the model number.
I would suggest that you open it up and take a look at it, and if you don't think you can fix it just put it back together.
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Looks like the Users Manual has no information about disassembly, but a Service Manual is available that should include disassembly instructions and repair tips. Just Google or search on eBay, expect to pay $15-25.
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