Help me build an atlas of the trivial.
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I want to make some infographics! What should I graph/chart/map?

The goal: develop some infographics skillz and have fun doing it.
My tools: I'll mainly be using the Adobe suite and Excel, but I'm open to other possibilities.
I want to make: graphs, charts, maps, tables, whatever. They could be witty or straightforward or offbeat, possibly data-rich, or maybe fictional.

So, MeFites: What topics would make interesting information graphics? The more specific, the better, like "UFO sightings in New Mexico" or "eating habits of children's book characters" or "bike path/topography map" and so on. Bonus points for suggestions of data sets, good tutorials, or other tools.
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Best answer: Courtship displays of jumping spiders.
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Edward Tufte is a given for this, on the off chance you're not familiar with him already.

Schott's Miscellany would be a great source for offbeat datasets.

(Any reason you're not just using your own example ideas? If this exercise is all about getting some practice in, then any subject will do just fine, no?)
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SEO tactics!
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Oh, and Wolfram Alpha! Playing around with that site for a bit is bound to produce something awesome.
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Make it a topic you're interested in, since you're more likely to explore side paths and tangents that might reveal something interesting when included in your infographic.
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Best answer: See if you can find something in The Guardian data store, especially made to answer your question.
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Best answer: The differences between US Candy Bars. 3 Musketeers -(caramel)- milky way -(nuts)- snickers.
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I'm guessing you are from the USA, but if you have any interest in Cricket, or are interested in learning about it, The Ashes starts today in Brisbane, Australia. It's pretty much the pinnacle of (test) cricket.

There is probably more statistics for cricket out there than any other other sport - after all a single match goes for up to five days.

The cricinfo statistics page by itself is a massive resource, and it really does have some great stuff - from the common player averages to the really esoteric - which player has the most runs batting on a Friday for example.
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Number of English speakers in the worlds countries
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History of Metafilter.
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Contribute some charts to Wikipedia articles (via Wikimedia Commons).
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