Desperately Seeking Pappy
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I'm on the East Coast (DC) and I'm looking for Pappy's Seasoning, so I can cook a tri-tip for Thanksgiving.

So I grew up in the Virginia suburbs of DC, but my fiancee is from the East Bay area of California. She wanted a taste of home so we special ordered a tri-tip for Thanksgiving.

Most people on the East Coast have never even heard of tri-tip, and the only reason I even knew what it was is because I'm a bit of a foodie. I'm 40 and I've never had it until this year. So anyhow her family recipe calls for the aforementioned Pappy's. Doing a web search on it leads me to believe that Pappy's is a regional thing and I probably won't find it in a grocery store outside of California.

So is it available anywhere around Northern VA? Or is there something else I can use that will be pretty close? Need this tonight because we're driving out to my Dad's place for the holiday and he's way out in the country where there are no supermarkets.
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Try Old Bay instead!
posted by Faint of Butt at 1:04 PM on November 24, 2010

You could always call Pappy's and ask if they have any distribution in your area.
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Amazon will get it to you in a day or two, if you are willing to pay the shipping.
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