Harry Potter and the Lack of Web-Books.
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Copy of the Deathly Hallows?

I can't seem to find a copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows for my Kindle through Amazon, and don't know if my Kindle can read other "digital books" well. I'm also willing to read it on my computer, rather than my Kindle. Please help me Hivemind! I just watched the movie and I'd really, really, really like the book.
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Your local library might have a copy. It might also be checked out since the movie came out.
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JK Rowling has resisted digital versions for a long of time. There is some indication that she may be relenting, but the HP books are not available digitally yet, not legally anyhow.
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J.K. Rowling has not allowed her publishers to sell electronic versions of the Harry Potter books.
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No Harry Potter books are currently available anywhere (legally) online.
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Like most no longer best-selling bestsellers, it can be found used cheaply, for under $6 shipped in this case. But, yeah, large physical book, not electronic.

Amazon Marketplace
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If you are desperate for a digital, non-physical copy, maybe the audio book would work for you? I know, still not a reading experience, but the Potter audio clips I've heard have been very well read.
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Seconding the audio book as a possible solution. Jim Dale (who narrates all the HP novels) is FANTASTIC, probably one of the best audio book readers I've ever experienced.
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Maryr's link is to the movie soundtrack rather than the audio book. You can find the audio version on iTunes for (gulp!) beau-coup $$. I recommend finding an audio book copy at your local library and ripping them to your computer/MP3 player if iTunes is too pricey.
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I'd be astonished if you couldn't download a torrent to a PDF copy of the books - though this is some value of illegal and quality will presumably vary enormously.
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Torrents of this are easily found via google search (tip: add the word "pirate" to the title).
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Thirding the the torrent availability. Devoted fans have converted it to every digital version imaginable -- Kindle's preferred format is mobi, but also reads pdf. So, yeah, it totally exists.
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Oops, sorry about that. Try local library (or torrent) as Knicke suggested.
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