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Crafts question for my wife and mother.

They have glass plates and fabric. Their goal is to make decorative plates. Some sort of Minwax sealer is required. I have been tasked with acquiring same. Has anyone any idea what I should search for and a possible where?
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I am pretty sure this has been done before with Modpodge.
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You could also use a clear casting resin.
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I am thinking Modpodge also. They would put the design on the reverse of the plate (underside) and seal it. Hand wash the plates and don't soak them.
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I don't know what you should use, but whatever it is isn't a Minwax product.
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Yes, you can use a Minwax product. You want Minwax Polycrylic - waterbased, tealy-blue can.

They can affix the fabric onto the back of the plate with the Polycrylic or Modgepodge or Acrylic Medium. Let that dry. The backs of the plates can be painted or not, depending on their aesthetic, and then that can be recoated with the polycrylic.

Polycrylic is not absolutely necessary - Modgepodge or Acrylic Medium will seal the fabric to the plate quite nicely.

Mind you, no medium will seal the plates adequately for more than a quick wash on the front. No soaking, no dishwasher.
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I stand corrected; the Minwax waterbourne acrylic may work. I don't like it as a wood finish, but at least it won't yellow the way oil-based wood finishes will. It also cleans up with water, dries faster, and doesn't smell so bad.
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Here is a how-to from the ModPodge Rocks! blog. There are several ModPodge formulas, so you'll want to make sure you pick up the fabric one.
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