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I'm trying to install a game on my Win7 PC. The DVD drive isn't seeing the disk. How do I get it to recognise the damn disc? Pertinent info inside.

Running Windows 7, 64 bit. Drive is an LG Blu-Ray Combo Drive (Blu-ray reader, DVD burner). The game is Spore (don't hate me!) and is new, genuine, meant for the PC and is not scratched or otherwise compromised.

I have had issues with the drive not seeing other DVD's before, but never got around to doing anything about it.

I've tried Microsoft's FixIt but it says that the problem is that the disc type isn't supported. I tried reinstalling the drivers but they tell me they're up to date and working. I've tried Googling the problem but most suggestions seem to assume that the drive can find the DVD in the first place, which it can't.

Any suggestions?
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Buy (or borrow) a name-brand USB drive and try that.

I've had BDs which the internal drive of my computer won't see which my external Plextor drive handle just fine. Drives vary somewhat, and optical disks can be rather unforgiving if they're almost out-of-spec.
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I could be talking out of my ass here, but I distinctly remember owning a DVDRW or CDRW drive that had its own onboard firmware, as well as a driver. I don't know if Blu-Ray drives have firmware, but you may want to look into that. We can give you a hand, but we'll need a model number or some more info re: the drive.
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Response by poster: The model number seems to be CH08LS10, judging from the Device Manager info.
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There are two firmware versions out. I'd surf the forums and/or contact LG (1-800-243-0000) before flashing a new firmware, though.
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If you have a laptop or another machine, you could try networking the two and using the second machine's optical drive over the network. Second choice: buy a new optical drive. Newegg has them for under $20 - and it's a super easy upgrade to make, as you just whip the old one out and use the same connectors, and Windows will reconfigure itself.
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This drive is currently $80 on newegg. I would contact LG's tech support and RMA it. The process for them to take an RMA will be this: put in a DVD. Doesn't read? Okay, try another DVD. It doesn't read? Check connections. Still nothing? Replace drive.

I would also snag another drive, one of those $20 DVD burners that Sifter mentioned. Why? Because I just went through a very similar problem with my computer. Difference was my drive stopped reading Blu-rays.
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Response by poster: I've tried a bundle of DVD's - some read but most do not and there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason for it. The drive's been in the machine about 8 months with very light usage. Mr Fabulous, could you explain what you mean by RMA? I don't understand.
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Mr Fabulous, could you explain what you mean by RMA?

"Send it back to the manufacturer because it is busted."
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RMA: Return Materials Authorization. This is industry term for:

"Send it back to the manufacturer because it is busted." Thanks ROU_Xenophone!

By the way, that drive is busted. Call LG and get it replaced. It should have a 1 year warranty. You'll be out the price of shipping, which will be around $10-15.
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Response by poster: I've contacted LG and am waiting for them to get back to me with some info. I'm attempting to borrow a drive from a friend and - worst case scenario - will ask the husband to hold my hand when flashing the firmware and to refrain from making smug remarks about Linux V's Windows.


Thanks for the help guys. I'll mark best answer when I'm done with the tinkering.
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Spore discs use SecuROM which your drive might have trouble reading.
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