Thermos Quest 2010
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I'd like to drink tea all day at work. What's the best big, BPA-free thermos?

In my quest to stay hydrated all day long, I'd like to brew tea in the morning and then tote it around all day in a delightful and BPA-free thermos. Any suggestions?
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i love my contigo coffee mugs - they're not huge, but they keep hot drinks hot for a long time.
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I also love the metal double-walled mugs from Starbucks. Hours of hot tea!
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I've never used it myself, but intend to buy in the near future a <>Kleen Kanteen.
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I second the Starbucks metal mug rec. That thing is amazing at retaining heat.
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I second contigo. The thing seriously does not leak no matter how you hold it, and it keeps drinks piping hot for hours. Unfortunately, the top is difficult to clean due to the leakproof mechanisms, but for tea, this shouldn't be as big of a problem as it would be for coffee.
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Go old school and hardcore: Thermos Vacuum Insulated Beverage Bottle. Absolutely leak-proof, big, BPA free, and it keeps my coffee hot all day. Overnight, even. Easy to clean if you have a bottle brush. You can't go wrong.
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I love my Teavana tea tumbler. Bonus points if you're a looseleaf tea fan. Keeps mine hot for a few hours, and it's very pretty.
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Go even older school and shop vintage. My mum in law gave me one of these and it's fantastic. I too, prefer my tea steeping in a glass liner, rather than stainless steel.
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I love Stanley vacuum bottles. My entire family has them and they are amazing at keeping drinks hot or cold. I don't have this one, but it should meet your needs.
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Seconding vacuum insulated bottles. I use a 16oz Stanley/Aladdin and it's the best thing ever -- small enough to carry easily, and bullet-proof. It gets compliments.
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I'd highly recommend one of these infuser mugs from REI. It's not huge, but I use mine without the filter for coffee and it keeps it piping for hours and hours. The 6 hour estimation in the description is not an exaggeration (i've had things stay warm for even longer). As a bonus, if you're a fan of loose tea, you can just drop the leaves in and let it steep on the go.
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nth the classic Stanley.
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I'm with bluejayway. Thermos makes great...thermoses... This is the one I use. It looks great, takes a beating, and keeps my tea so very very hot.
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Thermos Stainless Steel Tea Tumbler with Infuser ($19 on Amazon). 12 ounces is probably a little small for you, but the product is fantastic.
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Forgot the link.
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Thanks for all the responses. Has anyone had luck with this glass-lined thermos?
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