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Suggestions for an edgy, down-to-earth Thanksgiving playlist?

My husband and I are going to be spending T-giving mostly by ourselves, probably cooking for most of the day, and I got the notion of making a CD as a soundtrack. I'm looking for good songs about gratitude/thankfulness.

I would definitely prefer songs that are upbeat (although laid-back a la Grateful Dead is OK too) and not sticky-sentimental, and while I AM grateful for the love of my mate, that seems to be the primary topic of most songs about gratitude I've been Googling and I'd like something a little more original. Neither of us are religious, so overtly religious songs are right out unless they've got a REALLY kick-ass arrangement.

I have seen this AskMeFi, but I'm asking again because it seems like that guy wanted mellower stuff than I do.

"Gratitude" by the Beastie Boys and "Wonderful World" by the Ramones are the only songs I'm REALLY set on at this point. What works with that?
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Can't have a Thanksgiving Soundtrack without Arlo Guthrie.
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Rilo Kiley, Spectacular Views
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"Valley Winter Song" by Fountains of Wayne is lovely for a cozy indoors new england day.
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Not exactly a song about gratitude or thankfulness, but you are having a laid-back, thoughtfull day off you have to include your favorite version of Pressure Drop --- the Clash cover will pair nicely with the Ramones.
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A couple hip hop picks:

Nujabes (with Apani B) - Thank You (Nujabes on the blue).

Blackalicious - The Craft (Religious, but in more of a spiritual, non-specific way).
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Rise Up With Fists - Jenny Lewis.
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Days - The Kinks
Thank You - Sly & The Family Stone
Thank You Very Much or Stranger in Blue Suede Shoes - Kevin Ayres
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Perhaps some biting sarcasm from Reel Big Fish with We Care?
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Ain't Got No by Nina Simone is my favorite gratitude song and seconding Alice's Restaurant. It just isn't Thanksgiving for me until I have listened to the long version of Alice's Restaurant.
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Thank You by The Redwalls. It is so awesome.
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Gratitude by Oingo Boingo. I assume you already have this, because everyone owns the Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack, right?
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Bright Eyes is always good for that if he's not too sentimental for you. There's even one called I Will Be Grateful For This Day.
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