The best place to pick up Website Designers?
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Where do you go to find Freelance Website Designers?

I've been trawling websites like Dribbble and Forrst. Any other suggestions?
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Best answer: Metafilter Jobs
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Have you tried MeFi Jobs?
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Have you also looked at linkedin? You can put in the search terms (as in do you want a website designer or someone with a specialty)?

(Just did a quick look through there using website designer as a search term) and many people have links to samples, websites, and contact info, too.
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Best answer: Sortfolio
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Here is one: - you can choose one based on your budget.
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With proper link:
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Best answer: You can also browse portfolios on carbonmade and behance.
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AIGA Member Directory. Search by web design and city.

I think AIGA is a good choice because the designers choose to adhere to a code of ethics (no stealing other peoples work, ripping off clients, etc) and basically have been successful enough to pay membership dues in the last year. The same can't be said for craigslist or the ilk.

I wouldn't limit yourself to just freelance designers either. Many small design shops will work with whatever budget you have. If not, they likely have a list of freelancers they'd be willing to connect you with.
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