How do I Import Outlook?
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I just got my new T42 Thinkpad. Yay! I have several years worth of contacts, emails and folders on my desktop. I would like to get them all put on my notebook. How do I do this?
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I'm referring to emails, contacts, and folders in Outlook on my desktop.
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I'm assuming it's the same version of Outlook. If you're using XP they should be in :
C:\Documents and Settings\[PrimaryUserName]\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook
You'll have to turn on viewing hidden files/folders to see them. After Outlook is installed, you should be able to copy all the files into the same directory (with the new username, overwriting what is there) and it should work. You'll also want to export the account settings from old Outlook and import them with the new Outlook on the laptop.

Which one did you end up getting? Cheaper or expensive?
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I got the 23731LU. It's the less expensive one. I really like it so far. I am considering returning it for the one with the larger hard drive and better monitor. I'm watching to see if the prices go down when the T43 is released.

As for Outlook - it won't be the same version. I think that I have Office 2000 and I'm getting the newer version. And, the desktop is running on Win98.
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As the proud owner of a T42 since December, here's my suggestion: From the start menu, go to programs and open up Access IBM. Click on the "Learn" icon to open that page and then click on "Configure." On my machine the third item from the bottom is "Transferring data from another computer" which should walk you right through the process.
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Yeah--just use the built-in import/export. I don't have an Office 2K handy to play with, but on Office XP (should be similar), the import and export features are under the File menu, titled "Import and Export..." Apologies if you already knew this part.

I imagine the built-in tutorial may have a slick way of actually moving the data. Barring that, you could always network the two together and transfer files, just burn a CD/DVD, procure an external USB drive case and yank out the desktop drive...there's more than one way to do it. In fact, I'm sure there's an easier was that's eluding me at the moment. Heck, you could use yousendit in a pinch.
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Another option would be to use an online contact management system like Plaxo. It takes no time at all to download and sync with Outlook. Then all you need to do is sync it with Outlook or Outlook Express on your new box. It'll also take any calendar info, tasks and notes you have with it.
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You're looking for Outlook's PST file.

If you open a search window and search for "*.pst" without the quotes, and make sure your search includes hidden and system files, you should find "Outlook.pst".

You want to copy that file...Outlook locks the file if it's running, so make sure you close it before you try to copy.

Once you have the PST file on the new machine, use Outlook's Import From File dialog to browse to the PST and import it.

You'll have to re-setup any POP or SMTP accounts that you have, but all of your contacts, email folders and calendar items should move over.
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