Why *do* I have eight different ancient MeFi threads open?
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Is there an addon or extension for Firefox that will show me the link I clicked on to get to the current tab? Like the Back button, but for people who are addicted to opening links in new tabs.

Example: when I've (once again) fallen down the endless rabbithole of Metafilter / Wikipedia / etc and have opened dozens of links in new tabs, it would be really helpful to be able to see what the hell I clicked to open a particular tab. Looking through the History doesn't help much, because usually I've been switching back and forth between various already-open tabs, so it's not in chronological order at all.

I came up with nothing on Google, so I'm hoping you guys can either suggest a magical fix (yay!) or point me towards the right search terms. Thanks in advance!
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This addon called 'Tab Kit' has, as one of its buller points:

- Sort tabs, by address, last loaded, last viewed, order of creation, origin or title

As well as a bunch of other power user features you might find useful.
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Maybe FromWhereToWhere? Haven't used it myself, but it looks like what you want.
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Firefox does this by default without extensions. Right-click in the page of the new tab you've opened and choose View Page Info. In the dialog box that appears is a field called Referring URL, which shows you the URL from which you opened the new tab.
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Welp, you learn something new every day.
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Response by poster: Thanks all! I ended up using installing an addon called Tabberwocky, which has an option to "Retain tab history when opening links in new tabs." Very happy with it so far, although the FromWhereToWhere thing looks like it could be pretty useful too.

Bent back tulip, that's a cool tip - I'd never noticed the View Page Info thing before. Looks like it only shows you the previous page, tho, not which specific link on that page you clicked on to get to the new tab. E.g. the recent MetaTalk thread about comments that stick with you - I think I opened like 30 new tabs out of that page, and the new addon made it way simpler to keep track of what link led me to each of them.
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