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Where's the best place to buy one-off large posters online?

I often want to give friends and family large posters as gifts. Sometimes an actual photo (i.e. with good color/quality) and sometimes just as a more gag-gift infographic kind of thing, where quality matters less.

The kind of site where I can upload my own image or PDF for them to print.

What online sites would you recommend for printing either photo-quality or just-average-quality large posters? (one-off, not multiple copies)
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I've had great luck with Winkflash.
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Places like Kinko's have large-format printers and will accept files online. Is that the kind of thing you're looking for (but a recommendation for a specific place)? Or something else?
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Response by poster: I've never been to a Kinko's, but that would also work.
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I've had pretty good results with Overnight Prints but I believe they only go up to 11x17. Barring that, find a local print/copy shop - most can do this for you, and you don't have to pay for shipping. Note that they may not be able to print bleeds, if that's something you're concerned about, but you can always trim if needed.
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Just for clarity, there're no more Kinko's - they are all FedEx office now.
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Here in LA there are Walgreen's that will do it for pretty cheap. Not sure how large they go.
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I've had good luck with Uprinting. They do glossy photo-style posters and the print quality is much better than FedEx/Kinko's. They also go pretty large; I've gotten 5' x 3' posters done there.
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I haven't pulled the trigger with an image I want printed yet but I've been thinking of doing it with these guys.
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