Pennsylvania is long!
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Places to stop to eat or perhaps drink while blowing through Pennsylvania via I-80?

Me and a friend are headed to Madison,WI from NYC and we are on I-80 at this very moment (10pm) wondering what's open? What's local? Anything interesting? Pennsylvania is long! Halp! Not rest stop stuff!
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It's 310 miles from NJ to Ohio on 80. It's 10 PM. It's all closed. Other than the truckstops at various exits, you're SOL.
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Response by poster: We are willing to stop for the night in the right area- we'd go off the beaten path but don't know anything around surrounding cities. Dive bar? Anything? Just wondering what's out there according to a local.
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There is nothing in the middle of Pennsylvania, unfortunately. Once you hit Philly, you'll find a place, but that could be several hours.
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Insanepenguin: I-80 misses Philly by almost a hundred miles.
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Having driven between Cleveland and New York a number of times, I advise you to fill up before leaving New Jersey. Basically, I-80 between the Poconos and Youngstown is pretty much just a desolate no-man's land. If you have a fuel efficient car, you can make it to the first rest stop in Ohio.
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Best answer: Actually, thinking about it further, if you want to go a bit out of your way, you can go to State College, PA. It's Penn State, so there probably are a few things open by the time you get there. Or maybe not.

Basically, take I-80 until you get to I-99/PA-26, around exit 161. It's about 15 miles off I-80. There should be some diners/bars off the main drag, but it's mid-week, it'll be around 2AM by the time you get there, and it's just before Thanksgiving, so I have no idea if there's anything open.
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Roadfood is a great resource for this generally, though maybe a bit too late for you?
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Breakfast at the Bear Creek Cafe. Call ahead to make sure they're opened. Then stop by and visit my parents. I miss them.
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If you haven't passed Pittsburgh yet, you should go to Primanti Bros. They serve food till at least 1 and maybe later. If you need food later, go to Ritter's 24-hour diner. It's awesome
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Pittsburgh is a solid hour out of your way when you finally reach 79 on the west side of the state. Consider heading to Youngstown, Ohio for the world-renown wings at Quaker Steak and Lube. If you did indeed stop off in State College for the night, you should be to Youngstown by lunchtime the next day, or a little before.
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Response by poster: Actually about an hour from state college now! This could work out! I'll report back our findings! :)
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Well, the Ye Olde College Diner is open 24 Hours. No, I've never been there, but it was on a Rick Sebak special.
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The original Quaker Steak & Lube is actually in Sharon, PA, not Youngstown, OH. But it is dead easy to find using the signs to Sharon as you take the last I80 exit in PA. If you're looking for a place to crash for the night, there are several hotels/motels at that same exit; you can't miss them.
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Response by poster: Well I guess thanksgiving break screwed us. The diner wasn't open but we nabbed a quick pint ($2.50!) at the only open bar (Phyrst?) it was smokey and collegey obviously, but at least some sort of experience. Thanks all!
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Too late for you, but maybe this will help future travelers: The Snowshoe Truck Stop in (duh.) Snowshoe off I-80 is a fantastic greasy spoon. Excellent scrapple, and I believe open 24 hours.
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Just a reminder.... when enjoying the pints, be sure to have a designated driver. Have a great trip!
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