Silky Satin Sheets fit for a King
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Where can I find sheets that are similar in quality to these pillowcases?

A few months ago, we ordered pillowcases similar to the linked ones above. The specs and company are the same; the only difference is the color. We loved the quality right from the opening of the first package and now use only these pillowcases. We would love to get sheets of the same quality silk; unfortunately, this company doesn't sell sheets and we don't want to buy something and be disappointed by the quality.

So my question is somewhat simple: does anyone know where we can get pearl white/ off white silk satin King sheets of the same quality as these amazing pillowcases (21mm)? Also, we'd love to buy separates for our own sleeping needs so any answers that enable a King fitted sheet and different sized flat sheet purchases would be much appreciated!

Other information: we're in New York City; online orders are acceptable and preferable; budget is open within reason.

Thanks in advance!
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A couple of suggestions: 1) contact this company and ask them who they recommend and/or 2) scrutinize the reviews for other manufacturers of the silk satin sheet options listed on Amazon. For example these sheets (in king sized ivory) look as though they fit your description. The seller's reviews are great.
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