Please recommend an RSS-to-email service. Criteria within.
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RSS-to-email: In which I lament the late, lamented RSSfwd, and look for a replacement service.

I’m looking for an RSS-to-Email solution to replace my beloved, late and lamented RSSfwd.

I’ve tried a few services since RssFwd folded, but they each have come up short for one reason or another, and I’m hoping the hive mind here can help me and whoever has similar needs.


Sending feed items to a Gmail account has several advantages.

* The feeds effectively never expire. If I leave the country for a month, no big deal; all the feed items are there waiting for me when I return.

* One can use Gmail's outstanding search capabilities on the feeds.

* One can set up detailed filters and labels to isolate the exact feed items that contain subjects of particular interest. I could see at a glance whether I had any unread items of this nature, and could access them with just a single click.


So with RSSfwd's demise, here is my ideal replacement:

(1) No digests. One e-mail message per RSS item, with the title of the RSS item as the subject line of the e-mail. (Other services all seem to want to batch items together, and send you a digest once or twice a day. That prevents the recipient from skimming through the received items by looking at the subject lines, the way one does with email.)

(2) Unabridged items. I need to be able to search for terms, so I need each e-mail to include the full text of the corresponding RSS item; i.e., it can’t be just the first few lines of the item, and then a link, or anything like that.

(3) Free. I have no problem with some discreet, Google-style advertising inserted at the end (or even beginning) of the e-mail messages. In fact, it would be great if the ad was not only text-based but related somehow to the content of the item, like the ads in a Gmail message.

(4) Keep the subject line clean. In other words, let’s say the title of the original RSS item is “Man Bites Dog!” I don’t want the subject line of the incoming e-mail to read something like

###RSS to E-mail service provided by SuperAwesome RSS-to-Email Service### Man Bites Dog!

(5) Easy to import my existing feeds. I’d love it if I could import a standard OPML file from another feed reader I am currently using.

What say you, hive mind? Does a service like this exist? The closest I've found is, which in some ways is quite slick, and I've found their developers quite nice and helpful. But they have some limitations, especially the fact that they limit the number of emails one can receive in an hour.

PS: I realize that this may seem like a lot to ask of a "free" service. But I really think it could be monetized. Like I mentioned in (3) above, do it with advertising: Insert a related text ad at the bottom of each e-mail message. I'm not saying this would be a guaranteed money-maker. But it's less hare-brained than many other monetizing schemes out there.
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FeedMyInbox seems to work for me.
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Response by poster: OK, well, not a lot of feedback on this. I've resorted to using the free linux program rss2email, which has its pros and cons (mostly pros, but getting it to work on a mac took some work).

- aj
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