Fancier vegetarian fare in the Twin Cities?
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Fancier vegetarian fare in the Twin Cities?

Looking for recommendations of mid to higher end vegetarian and vegetarian friendly restaurants in the Twin Cities. Past questions have been helpful, but I'm looking for someplace a bit fancier than, say, French Meadow where a vegetarian and an omnivore can have a nice night out.

PRICE RANGE: $50-$75 per plate
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Best answer: Heartland has a nice vegetarian prix fixe menu. Delicious food & an upscale atmosphere.
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Best answer: Spoonriver next to the Guthrie has delicious vegetarian and omnivore food, with a focus on local and organic ingredients. I don't think $50+ for an entree, but if you're getting appetizers and drinks and dessert I think you'd be in the right neighborhood. It has an upscale, modern feel to it too.
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Best answer: Do you have a cuisine in mind?

Indian : The Dancing Ganesha is really good - nice ambiance, good food. Not as expensive as $50 / plate though

Solera was really good, some nice vegetarian tapas
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Response by poster: Thanks already -- I'll start marking best answers when I'm not on my iPhone.

Just to clarify: I set the price per plate as an upper boundary. My main concern is quality and atmosphere. It doesn't have to be expensive as long as it feels like something special.
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Just seconding... Spoonriver is awesome!
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112 Eatery and Cafe Maude would be my picks.
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Best answer: 112 is not vegetarian friendly at all in my opinion, and favors the sort of meat fetish that turns me off when I go out.

Veg friendly places rarely have the $50 platings that meat and seafood do :)

nthing Spoonriver.

Not the same range or vibe, but Broder's is quite wonderful! Tips for the wise: get on the wait list (by phone!) or the wait is 60-90 min on weekends. In Minnesota!
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Broder's Pasta Bar: special by virtue of being crazy delicious.
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Best answer: I just read an article claiming that Barbette is the best new vegetarian restaurant in the twin cities this year, even though it's definitely old and definitely an omnivore place. The "new" and "vegetarian" aspects come from a new chef who is apparently very good at cooking for vegetarians and vegans, along with all the omnivore cuisine they have available. And the atmosphere is great -- whomever you bring will definitely feel special!
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