What to buy my UK niece from the US?
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What are cool and specifically American things that I can get my 3 year old niece that she will think are really great and different to what her friends have?

When I was a kid growing up in the UK in the 70's the father of my older friend worked in the US and brought his kid back toys and comics and stuff that wasn't available in the UK. As the younger friend I got the comics and toys as hand-me-downs and they were cool and different to what the other kids I knew had. (Yay Ghost Rider!)

Now that I live in the US I would like my niece back in the UK to have the same experience with stuff I send her. Is that even possible in the age of globalization?

What would you buy from the US for a UK 3 year old?
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Honestly, I don't think a 3 year old would care. Or understand.

However, she may have a fave US-import TV show for which the toys are more readily available in the US.

Ask her folks what she is into.
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Highlights magazine, Lincoln Logs

Also, although it might be more fun for Mum and Dad, the kids' clothing stores in the US have different stuff to what you get at the supermarkets in the UK, so the kiddies can have different jammies, t-shirts etc... you don't have to be extravagant.
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Maple sugar candies!
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Do they have Dora or Kai Lan in England (depending on your language of choice)?
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Target has some games like Monopoly with older, "retro" graphics that could be fun. Or some Dick and Jane books? Also, I bought my 5YO a Singer sewing machine (tiny! it works!) for $15 today at TJMaxx for Christmas.
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