OK, who sunset my computer?
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Why do my screens attached to my DELL laptop running Windows 7 turn a slightly orange hue every day at 4:45pm until I shut down and restart?

I think this must be some office practical joke software or a virus or something. It's pretty clearly not a monitor or video card issue as it affects both screens and starting task manager gives a half-second hue-less.

People in my office all make fun of me saying that I work too late. The screens turning orange is reminiscent of a sunset. But annoying.

It's not opaque and I can still get work done, it's just hard to see colors clearly in Photoshop.

Has anyone seen anything like this? Is it a stupid Windows 7 setting? I can't Google it up!
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YUP! It is FLUX. Now to find out who put it on there and hope that it wasn't me.
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