A real film or just some phantom from my memory?
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Can anyone identify a 1980s TV movie about ghosts? I recall seeing it in the early- to mid-1980s as a child. I don't remember much except a scene in which a woman gets out of the shower in a very misty bathroom and goes to the mirror. Behind her in the heavy steam you see a ghost standing there in the reflection. At another point in the film the ghost may write on the mirror in the mist? But I may be misremembering that last part. Many thanks.
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That describes a lot of movies and TV shows. You might have some luck with these TV Tropes pages, Mirror Monster and Mirror Scare.
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Yeah, this is a well-worn horror cliche, but might it be What Lies Beneath? The first ghost reflection is here, and the writing ("YOU KNOW") is here.
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Oh, god—totally wrong timeframe. Sorry.
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May be the Ghost and Mrs. Muir. Was a movie then made into a TV show.
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Candyman? But it's 1992.
Here's the trailer.
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Response by poster: Hmm...some more "research" (read: sifting through Google results) has me wondering if it might be a 1982 theatrical release called The Entity. Anyone recall a scene in a steamy bathroom?
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Definitely The Entity. The movie was a good idea that suffered from poor execution. Your memories -- if they are fond -- are almost certainly better than it was.
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Not The Shining, I hope.
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If it isn't The Entity, making a quick check through this shouldn't hurt.
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I just watched The Entity a few weeks ago. It's a flawed movie, but very disturbing and effective for its genre. There is indeed a steamy bathroom scene, in which poor Barbara Hershey's character gets raped by the poltergeist. You'll find a bit of it at :59 in this (G-rated) trailer.
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You never see the ghost in The Entity, though, not in a light-reflected-off-it sort of way anyway, IIRC.
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