that 70s mystery song
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What's the song playing from about 7:15 to 7:40 in this clip?

They're at a Led Zeppelin concert. I know the song playing after 7:40 is No Quarter, but I can't remember what the first song is. I'm not even sure the first song is Zeppelin because I've heard the same song in the background of many other episodes, and I know it's notoriously difficult to get rights to Zeppelin songs. Anybody know what it is so I can finally put this question out of my mind?
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Sorry, the video has already been taken down :\
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I don't think either of the songs are actual Led Zeppelin compositions but just a few bars of Led Zeppelin-esque generic; despite the warbling Hammond, that second song isn't No Quarter.
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I don't think this is real zeppelin, it is zeppelin muzak. You are correct: the rights are ridiculously expensive/hard to obtain.
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The video is still there (at least, in the US). Here's a direct link to the time.

FWIW, Shazam didn't recognize the song. This could mean that it's just stock background music, but it could just be a lousy sample that Shazam didn't pick up on.

On Preview: Shazam also didn't pick up on the 2nd song, which would make sense if it isn't actually Zeppelin.
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I thought No Quarter sounded a It would make a lot of sense if these were fake! Any thoughts on whether the first one is trying to sound like a specific Zeppelin song, or if it's just supposed to be in the Zeppelin style?
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I think they're just making a Zeppelin noise there. The track afterwards in the "holding hands" bit is also not a real song. Keep in mind that studios learned a huge lesson from "WKRP in Cincinnati," where DVD releases get much more difficult if you have to go around and license a million little instances of background music.
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One more vote for Not Zep, and I can't even see the clip.
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