Groomsmen Gifts?
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I'm to be married at the end of the month, any suggestions for Groomsmen gifts that are non-ordinary?

I've seen the standard knife, cigar, flask, lighter, poker, et all, gift recommendations. I'm looking for some more interesting items that are effervescent while not ephemeral. Right now I'm considering some Airsoft rifles and 2000 rounds for battle, but anything else is certainly welcome. What did you do for your Groomsmen? Price is not an consideration - give me your mind.
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The best Groomsmen's gift I have recieved was a nice hi-tech leatherman-like tool. Use it to this day.
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I gave my best man a fairly expensive wrist watch. (I had a small ceremony, so there were no groomsmen.)
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Weird. I've posted this twice in one day: took them all out for a barbershop shave before the wedding.
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My wife and I got married in Mexico in Spring 2003. Since we knew we were having a Mexican-themed reception later that summer for all the family and friends who couldn't make it to Mexico with us, we decided to bring back 200 shot glasses as wedding favours. (You can imagine the looks we got at the gift shop where we made our purchase! I'm sure I heard someone say "Gringo Loco" as we walked out.)

Slight tangent but we had an ulterior motive to giving out shot glasses. We didn't want to "pass the boot" as some couples do to get cash donations towards a honeymoon. Instead we had our Best Man and Maid of Honour sell shots of tequila and Baja Rosa throughout the night with donations being collected in a sombrero. We made a few pesos from this idea and were even able to go back to Mexico the following year with some of the money.

As for groomsmen gifts, everyone in our wedding party (Best Man, Maid-of-Honour, MC) plus my sister and her husband and my wife's brother got a shot glass but, to get a big laugh from the crowd, we also gave them over-sized cocktail glasses. I can't find a photo online but have seen them at Michael's Craft stores, Wal-Mart, Zeller's (Canada only) and Home Outfitters (Canada-only as well I think but there are likely similar stores wherever you are if not in Canuck-land.)
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I found a photo of the oversized glasses we gave our wedding party. If you're not going for a serious, sombre reception (we weren't), a gift like this can be a big hit (I didn't just crop this photo for privacy reasons - these two had a pretty glazed look in the original!)
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We got everyone in our wedding party clocks. We sought out interesting and one of a kind clocks for each person.

Another great idea I've seen is artwork. I'm a photographer, and last year a couple bought two prints from my studio to give to members of their wedding party. I thought that was a very sweet gift, as long as you know everyone's taste.
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As a groomsman I received an expensive watch. I gave it back. I stopped wearing watches in high school. The sun comes up, it goes down. At another wedding, I received a Swiss knife. Best present ever. Still have it, though I use the Squirt now as my primary knife. Love the barbershop shave comment, put me down for "events" rather than "items." Unless it's a knife! stab stab
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- A nice camera
- One of those iPod thingies I hear so much about and/or a set of nice headphones (nice headphones are a great thing)
- Watches and Leathermen (Leathermans?) are great ideas
- An attractive CD box set (These make great gifts, I find.)
- a nice bottle of wine/liquor
- take 'em out for a nice fancy meal
- tickets to a concert or sporting event

Personally, if I were a groomsman, I'd be weirded out to receive any sort of armament, but maybe that's just me.
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My brother gave out Maglite flashlights -- the big ones that take 6 D batteries. I use mine a lot and it'll last forever.
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We went with these, engraved with the name of each groomsman -- written as "Mr. [lastname]" instead of a first name or initials. Turned out really cool.
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No new ideas here, just some feedback on others' comments.... As an iPod owner, I've got to say that if I were given an iPod shuffle, I'd probably make a point of using it while working out, so I think that's not a bad idea by any means. Also, as a non-smoker, I would keep (and occasionally use, and appreciate) a Zippo lighter if I were given one. On preview, ditto the Maglite.
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If you're on a lower budget, one of those little LCD flashlights. Much more useful than a maglite IMHO.
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My brother went to his local Harbor Freight and lugged home a half dozen shiny new 24", 10 pound Crescent wrenches. Had them engraved with name, date and stuff. Reasonable price and gag appeal. It'll come in handy if I ever get a bulldozer or tanker ship.
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Of all the gifts I've been given, the one I appreciate the most is an engraved Swiss-army knife. It's been on my keychain for more than a decade now. Leathermans (the chapless kind, unless you're into that sort of thing) are cool too.
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I was a groomsman at gompa's wedding which took place in Alberta-- which, for those who don't know, is like a Canadian version of Texas. So all us groomsmen received fantastically huge silver belt buckles with our initials on them. I'm wearing mine now!

So depending on where you're holding the wedding, you could tie the gift/activity into the region... much like Jaybo and his Mexican-themed tequila-filled shot glasses.

Also, I was a groomsman at theinsectsarewaiting's wedding, where we all received a great big Swiss Army Knife (like user92371) and a leather holder. At that wedding there was also a groomswoman and she lucked out: she got the groomsman's gift (the knife) and also the bridesmaid's gift (silver bracelet.)

And also: Congratulations!
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Whoops-- sorry, bonehead. Somehow I missed your comment on preview. I didn't mean to leave you out of the "we got knives" round-up.
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Engraved pewter steins. Tattoos. A chef's knife. A croquet set. Engraved boulles. A wooden box of silk ties. Cuban-heeled boots - spurs optional. Rod and tackle for trout fishing. A bottle of Grange. Leather jackets. A home gym. Mountain bikes. Ray-ban aviator shades. Bathrobes. A six-shooter. Flying lessons.
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There are some good suggestions here, but I'd just add a note of caution: Don't get a leatherman or a pocket knife or anything like it if any of your groomsmen is going to have to take an airplane home. Many people don't check luggage if they're only going to be gone for a short while, and you can't put things like that in your carry-on or the TSA will take them away (assuming you're in the U.S.).
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I bought hand carved boxes in India the month before the wedding, line them with cedar and installed hydrometers and humidifier, then ordered mixed sampler sets of cigars and filled the boxes with them.
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I once received a Klein bottle made of glass. Wow, I didn't know until today that it was so expensive!
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Hip flask
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When I was in an outdoor wedding in sunny Southern California, the groom gave us matching sunglasses to wear during the ceremony. We looked sharp!
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Wait! I got it! Right here on the blue.
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