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What can I do for my lower back pain while I'm traveling in a foreign country?

Maybe its having my camera bag hanging from my neck all day, or a poor choice of traveling shoes, but I'm traveling around Tokyo and whenever I walk more than a mile or so I start feeling a dull pain growing around my lower back. What can I do so this doesn't ruin the rest of my trip? I'm usually in pretty good shape and I havent had any problems like this before.
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Try the McKenzie Back Exercises. You'll need no special equipment, just a floor you can lie on, and they should give you relief.
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Take 2 Advils before you even start your walk. Ice the affected area after you return — apply ice for 20 minutes; repeat after a 20 minute rest, up to 3 cycles. Don't apply heat.
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According to my physical therapist, lying on the floor and putting your feet up on, say, a bed or a chair relieves the pressure on your spine.

Lying in this fashion at the beginning or end of your day for about 10-20 mins - or after a walk - might help.
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If your budget allows, it would be helpful to invest in better walking shoes with good arch support.
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My wife has had really good results from Trigger Point therapy to deal with foot pain (which flared up after a lot of walking in Tokyo, coincidentally). The equipment would not be too onerous to pack--here's a link to their "back" kit. There's a DVD that walks you through the exercises; we wound up ripping that and putting the relevant portion on her phone.
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a simple back brace has incredible benefits for me. I use this one, which you can get at drugstores etc: Mueller brace. I wore it on the whole colorado trail this summer, so I can attest to it being great for walking. I wear it under my shirt here in public.
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Stretch your IT bands.
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