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I need a free, easy-to-install program to analyze server logs.

The info is there already, tucked away in the www_logs directory, but the host-provided analysis page ("analog reports") is too cluttered and ugly for my client. I tried installing awstats but it wanted me to mess with apache settings, etc, and all I really want is a script that'll go into the logs directory and make everything easy-to-read.
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With Webalizer you'd only need to mess with Apache settings if you weren't already logging what you need. IIRC, by default Apache 1.x doesn't log referrer, which is terribly useful.
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Analog is probably the most popular. You should be able to tweak its config file (analog.cfg) to remove or reduce sections.
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Mac - Apache?

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AW Stats. Open source and requires Perl.

Here's a sample of output.
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I got burned -- bad -- by an AW Stats security hole this past weekend. It erased every website on my server. They've since patched it, I should have upgraded (I'd forgotten that I'd installed it some months ago), I had backups, etc., but, still, you won't catch me running AW Stats again.
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You'd do well not to run or allow awstats to run as a dynamic reporter (via the CGI). I'm fine with using it, but generate my static reports periodically via cron (and on Windows, nnCron Lite). I don't really see the need to have up-to-the-minute stats available, daily is just fine. No security risks that way, either.
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