Drinking space and gaming space in Seattle
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Seattle party/gathering space rentals and reservations: Please help me find venues for 2 small events.

I have two upcoming events for which I need to find and rent/reserve an appropriate space. Any ideas about where to go?

Event 1: Low-key drinking/humorous awards ceremony for several dozen graduate students. I'm looking for a pub in the U-district with a back room I could reserve. The College Inn's a no-go. This will be on a weeknight in early December.

Event 2: Small board game/rpg party. I'm looking for a coffee shop or something similar that has a comfy room where 10-20 people could set up games and play their hearts out while receiving food and beverage service. This would likely be an 8-12 hour event. It'd be nice if this were in or near Capitol Hill, but it certainly doesn't have to be.

Thanks so much for your help with this!
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The District (the bar at the Deca hotel) can handle number one I believe.
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The Big Time might let you rent their back room for (1).
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Pies and Pints just north of the U District has reserved their back room for me in the past. As you might guess from the name, they also serve tasty (savory) pies. It's not near the U District, but the Pike brew pub downtown did an admirable job of hosting an impromptu gathering of around 40 people recently; I bet if you let them know in advance you were coming, they could make sure the back room was clear for you.

For #2, hrm. 8-12 hours is a lot to ask of a place, especially since you'd almost certainly be spanning more than one shift of servers, which would make tipping awkward. That's the kind of thing I'd generally do at someone's house, with food being delivered as necessary. What you might want to do is talk to game shops in the area to see if they have any space they'd let you use for the day. Try Gamma Ray Games, maybe; I hear they have a play area upstairs. No idea how big it is, though.
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#2: Feierabend in the South Lake Union neighborhood has a back room that can be reserved, and their food is pretty good. Plus, their staff is fucking awesome. Great German beer and (sort of) full bar. Not too far from Cap Hill--just right down the Lakeview overpass.
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For #1 you might also talk to Shultzys. Depending on the time you may be able to reserve/take over the north half of the bar.
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Gilda's Club Seattle is a non-profit on Capitol Hill, they may let you rent the facility out for a day. You would have to bring in your own food and drink, but the cost would be minimal.
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