getting internet to a wifiless iPod touch
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Can anyone provide guidance on how best to extend the useful life of an ipod touch (jailbroken, 2nd gen, 32gb) whose wifi antenna has ceased to function? Specifically, other than wifi, is there any alternative method of connecting the thing to the internet?

I hardly ever really used it as an ipod, and maybe never connected to my laptop; I try to keep my pc free of iTunes, and only once used a friend's mac to throw some music on it. It was useful to me for email etc (i.e., things requiring an active internet connection), but also for the many apps that work offline, perhaps with only occasional internet required. For instance, I could use it for studying flash cards, online or off, with internet required only to update the study material. I'm aware that I can continue to download new and update already installed apps through iTunes (though, again, I don't really want to install it on my computer), and I guess I assume there would also be a way to continue doing all that jailbreaky, cydia, hackulo, installo -type stuff through a wired connection ... but i couldn't tell you. Could someone tell me? Thanks
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I can't blame you for avoiding iTunes, but it may be a necessary step in troubleshooting. If so, you can go here and follow the directions to keep iTunes from getting its tentacles too deep into your system. Grab a copy of Revo Uninstaller (the free one) if you don't already have it so you can purge iTunes once you're done.

Which leads me to: are you sure the antenna is kaput? If you backup your ipod's image, then attempt a fresh installation of the factory firmware, you can check and see if the wireless is working afterwards. If it's not, then I'm out of ideas, and unfortunately don't know much about the jailbreaking side of things.

Good luck!
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