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Please recommend some sources where I can download classical music.

I'm looking for a site that provides public domain recordings of classical music. Ideally it would be similar to Project Gutenberg only just for music. I'm not sure if there is a better term than 'classical' but I'm interested in music from the 1600s - 1950s, of all sorts; instrumental, voice, solo instrument.

Thanks hivemind!
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Classic Cat and MusOpen are two that I've used frequently. Wikipedia has a decent selection although they are in OGG Vorbis format (and many are copied from MusOpen, so there is overlap). The IMSLP/Petrucci Music Library also has a number of recordings available. Enjoy!
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PANDORAJAM ( An extremely huge selection of classical and everything else, arranged by genre. Google: 'pandorajam reviews' to see what users say. $15/yr subscription has ads ... I had this but am glad I switched to $36/yr (only 10 cents a day) with no ads and excellent fidelity. The downloads are neatly filed in itunes by "station" i.e. by ~genre. I have over 3,000 'songs' recorded from ~100 "stations".
I have a mac and presume it works on that other machine, but you better check. Anyhow, maybe it's time to go with mac.
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Jazz On Line is, as the name suggests, entirely jazz music. It's all in the public domain, though, and the site is funded by donations to cover the hosting costs.
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I was about to reply to this Sunday night, but then went on vacation for 5 days ... with this page left open.

The Columbia University Orchestra has an audio archive of some of their performances of major classical pieces.
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