Returning to gym after being sick
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After getting sick, how long should I wait before exercising again?

I’m pretty healthy, so it’s sometimes difficult to tell if I’m actually sick or just feeling lazy. Five days ago, I started feeling easily fatigued & occasionally coughing up stuff that suggested I’d been hit by some kind of bug. Since then, my energy levels seem almost back to normal, but I’m still coughing up nasty in the morning & occasionally throughout the day. I’m dragging a bit, but not sure if it’s due to not exercising or still being sick.

I’d really like to head back to the gym, but I’m not sure when to do so. I don’t want to put my immune system at a disadvantage, but I wonder if a good workout is all I need to fully recover.
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Good stuff in this thread.
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If you don't have muscle aches, fever and nausea you may just have an upper respiratory infection if you just feel tired and hock up green gold every once in a while (be advised I am no MD). Still, in consideration for others who use the gym, suggest you don't go until you've visited your MD and get his/her clearance that you are not infectious.

I can't count the times somebody got me sick by assuming that their right to go to work, go to the gym, etc., was more important than how many other people might get sick as a result. I can think of one guy....grrr. That bastard got me and everyone else within a 3-cubicle radius sick every time he came in hocking up.

Maybe you can do cardio (walking) around home? If you're doing strength training, though, well, that's a drag if you don't have weights at home. Feel better soon.
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Looks like my condition is hindering my ability to think of obvious search keywords. Thanks fixedgear!
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I have found this to be a handy guide--always used with common sense--first, establish your baseline resting heart rate by taking your pulse first thing on waking whule still in bed (and I mean first thing--not after you have got up and walked around)--do this while healthy and establish a reliable average after 7-10 readings--if you are not feeling well take your pulse on waking--if it is more than 10% over your base rate take it easy or do not exercise--this can also be a handy guideline to determine if your are over extending/training yourself--also--it is not a good idea to exercise if you have a temperature. Good luck
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