Inviting non-friends to a Facebook event?
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I've created a Facebook event for a quiz I am running and invited my friends. I also want to be able to invite the friends of one of my friends. Is this possible without involving him?

About a year ago I attended a series of quizzes run by another person who created a Facebook User (not a group) Townname Pub Quiz to promote his quiz nights. I want to be able to invite the friends (of which I am one) of this fake user to my quiz.

I've been in touch with the person who set this up and he suggested inviting the friends of the Pub Quiz user.

I don't think I am able to - I think he needs to do it logged in as that user, but as he also told me he's dealing with a death in the family and I don't know him very well I wanted to know if it was possible to invite people I am not friends with to my Facebook event, before bothering him again.
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I don't know technically how to do it, but I know that if I had friended that fake user for quiz nights run by one person, I would only want invites that came from the person. You might annoy some amount of people over this. Just fair warning.
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When you invited him, and/or when he RSVPed, there is below the event a "Share" link on his Wall. Your friend should re-share the event so that his friends can see it.

Be sure that you checked the "Anybody can see and RSVP" box on the event.
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It's not possible to invite people you're not friends with. The most you could do would be to post a message on that person's wall.

I'm not saying you should do the following, as it would be bad form, but I hope at least I can make a suggestion.

One way to do it would be to browse the friends list of your friend and make a friend request of each of those people. When you make the friend request you'd say "Hi, I'm a friend of Mr. X, he's told me to invite you to the pub quiz." Also at the same time put each of the pub quiz friends into a new user list called "Pub Quiz" or something similar.

Then after a few days or a week, when hopefully those people have accepted your friend request, you can then go to the event page, hit invite people, go to the group marked "Pub Quiz" and hit "select all" to invite all the friends from that list.
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