Because you can't beat that Burkina Faso sound.
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Interested in electronic music from beyond the first world.

Anyone have recommendations on electronic musicians (particularly downtempo/chill/lounge/trip hop, maybe dub or idm) from developing nations, or anyway beyond the US and Canada, Western Europe, Japan, or Australia?

Alternatively, anyone know of a website that organizes electronic musicians by country?

Thanks in advance!
posted by mreleganza to Media & Arts (13 answers total) 16 users marked this as a favorite's multi-tag search can be pretty useful here. Search for tags like "downtempo Russian", "chill Chinese" etc. and you'll be finding new artists in no time. Combine with YouTube for best results.
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Masseratti 2lts is Venezuelan chill out type ambient group that I like a lot.
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Nortec Collective is great Mexican techno... imagine a Norteño band with two turntables and a horn section.
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I liked DJ Cheb i Sabbah, some Jai Uttal and Manish Vyas (although the last two are mostly not electronica); I haven't listened to any of them in a few years, though.
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Konono No. 1
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What's Happening in Pernambuco, a Luaka Bop anthology of electronic music from northeastern Brazil, is one of the very best comps I own in any genre. "Bob," by Otto, gives a good sense of how this stuff sounds.
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Seconding Nortec Collective, Otto and DJ Dolores.
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Here's one more DJ Dolores link.
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You'll need to google it and do a little bit of drilling, but the BBC Radio 3 World Music Awards used to have categories called boundary crossing, culture crossing, and club global. The short list each year for those categories often had what I think you might be looking for.

Egs: 2001 had the Afro Celt Sound System and Nitin Sawney, 2002 had Nitin Sawney; 2003 had Oi Va Voi and Gotan Project; 2004 had Mercan Dede, Zuco 103 and Gigi in Abyssinia Infinite; 2005 had mellow Lebanese mc Clotaire K and (not electronic but beautiful and very mellow) Lhasa de Sela; 2006 had Shantel (kind of uptempo but fun) and Cheb i Sabbah; 2007 had several of the artists already mentioned; and 2008 had Idan Raichel, the Bajofondo Tango Club, and Transglobal Underground.

For the last two years the UK magazine Songlines has had world music awards in similar categories.

And lastly, Spin the Globe on KAOS FM 89.3 in Olympia, Washington has been giving out world music awards since 2002. You'll have to google each year since 2002 to get their short lists. You might also find their 2000-2010 playlists have some good stuff in them. I'm particularly looking at the one from last year called Global Trance.
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Another thought. Have a look at Putumayo's catalog. There seems to be a better list of albums on Wikipedia than there is on their site, and there's definitely some lounge compilations in there.
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Here's those Spin The Globe 2000-2010 playlists.
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The Very Best was an excellent collaboration that came out last year between Malawi based singer Esau Mwamwaya and London producer Radioclit.

The late Ramiro Musotto made the type of music you mention, he was from Argentina.

Some of the world's leading techno producers/DJs in the world like Ricardo Villalobos, Matias Aguayo, and Dinky come from Chile but I think all three of them currently reside in Berlin.

DJ Marky from Brazil started out making jazzy drum and bass but has since expanded to a number of different styles including mroe downtempo stuff.

Resident Advisor's web site is the best for electronic music generally and is also very good for organizing DJ, producers and clubs by location internationally. Here's a recent preview of a Russian dub compilation they wrote about.
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There's tons of psychill from all over the world (and psy-trance too but I'm not sure if you're looking for that). Unfortunately my music collection is awol, otherwise I'd try to give other suggestions for your preferred genres.
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