Self raising flour in toad in the hole?
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Can I make toad in the hole using self raising flour?

Please help a batter making novice! I've made toad in the hole a few times with varying degrees of success. All the recipes I have say to use plain flour - I've got no plain flour left but loads of self raising flour. Will my toad in the hole be a disaster if I use this in the batter instead?
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I've always used SR flour when making toad in the hole. I beat the eggs an awful lot, and then sift the flour into the batter mixture. It comes out nice and light. Also, get the fat hot before adding the batter to the pan.
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This recipe uses s-r flour.
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Googling "toad in the hole self raising flour" turns up a ton of recipes.
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Self raising flour is just flour with baking powder and a little salt added. You don't need baking powder to make popover/Yorkshire pudding batter (the batter in toad in the hole) because popovers rise due to steam, but it won't hurt. The worst that will happen is that your batter will rise a little more as it cooks.
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