What size VFFs would accommodate the greatest number of students?
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The high school level anatomy and physiology class I teach is going to do a unit on running and movement. Help me figure out what size VFF's to request from a generous donor to accommodate as many of my current and future high school students possible. If you wear VFF's, I'd appreciate you looking inside and giving me your traditional shoe size (US) and VFF sizes (I think we're getting KSO's). If you have any other great foot physiology sites or books (not mentioned here or here), I'd appreciate that info, too. I just wiped out my local library.

If you want more info: We've ordered some force plates and someone has generously offered to donate some Vibram Five Finger shoes so that students can test a variety of different shoe types in addition to other possible variables involved in movement - inclination, foot strike, etc. (it's going to be a student driven inquiry unit.) The donor will send 2 pairs for males and 2 for females but needs the sizes this week. I got this great news Friday but didn't have time to size the kids the way you should for VFF's and students don't have any classes this week between conferences and the Thanksgiving holiday. I did, however, get their "traditional" US shoe sizes.

I wear VFF's and am generally somewhere between a 6.5 and 7 (US) and wear size 38s in my KSO's. I have no problem allowing the young ladies I teach to wear them but I am considering requesting a 38 from the donor just because of the popularity of that size among the group I polled. Based on my poll, the most common "traditional" shoe sizes for females are 7, 7.5-8, and quite a bunch at size 9. I'm thinking 38 and 40 or 39 and 41. The most common for males are all the sizes between 10.5 and 12. I was thinking 43 and 45 or 46. What's your traditional shoe size and VFF size?

I would purchase toe-socks to help get kids who are just slightly under either size.

This is my first ever q on AskMeFi.. please be gentle if I messed up anything.
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Argh.. Force plate.
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My housemate is a barefoot runner, and he likes to recommend The Barefoot Book.

I'm female. I used to think that I wore an 8 or 8.5, but it turns out I'm probably actually a size 9 (US).
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What a fun unit! I'm a woman and in regular shoes I wear between an 8-8.5, although I usually order a 9 in running shoes to give myself extra space. My VFFs are size 39. Hope this helps!
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In running shoes like Asics (or Nike), I wear 9.5. Most regular 'dress' shoes I wear a 9. I wear a 40 in my Vibram's.
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Sorry, forgot to post that my sizes are women's sizes.
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I'm female and I have size 10 feet. But consider the possibility that instead of getting a women's 41 that those women with feet that large (like mine) might be able to wear the smaller of the men's sizes you're selecting.
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In normal shoes, I wear in the neighborhood of a men's 12 (depends on the shoe) and in VFFs, I wear 44s. So perhaps 46's would be bigger than you expect given your shoe size distribution...
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I'm usually a mens size 10 and I believe my Bikilas are 42 (the number has worn off).

VFF website has a foot length/size chart. You have to measure both feet and go with the biggest.
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A female with size 10.5-11 feet: I wear size 42 Sprints.
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I'm a woman. I wear a size 9AA in running shoes and a 39 in the Vibram KSO.

Note that there are anecdotes all over the internet about the black KSO running a full size smaller than the other colors.
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Thanks for the info everyone and keep it comin'... the more anecdata I have, the better. I really wish I had the time on Friday to properly measure their feet but because I didn't, your info is helping me make the decision with *some* input.

...And I really should keep in mind this isn't a VFF lab - it's a movement lab and kids can go barefoot, on different surfaces, inclines, or with different styles. I just want to do everything possible to get and keep the kids interested, excited, and asking questions.
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Why not call a big shoe store and ask them what sizes they sell most?
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