Where to get some old stereo equipment repaired in San Francisco?
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Looking for a place in San Francisco to repair a bookshelf stereo system and a turntable.

Neither of these items are high-end-- one's a decade old Sony bookshelf stereo and the other's an old Technics semi-automatic turntable-- but the repairs seem simple. One of the channels on the stereo is gone, and I'm thinking there's a short in it. And the belt on the turntable seems messed up and perhaps just in need of replacing.

Google and Yelp didn't turn up much-- mostly high-end stuff. I could replace both of these items, of course, but I'd feel better about not throwing the old ones out if they can be fixed. Does anybody know of a shop in San Francisco that still does this sort of thing?

And apologies if this has been asked before-- couldn't figure out a unique search term to get to what I'm looking for.
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Gene is the man.
posted by rhizome at 9:36 AM on November 20, 2010

I think Gene is exactly who I was looking for. Thanks Rhizome!
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The Sound Well (which also still does some repairs, apparently), has a list of recommended repair shops on their web site. Gene is on their list, so I guess that's another recommendation for him...
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