Brazilian traveling to US. Landing in Miami and driving up to NY. Throw all the hints you can at me!
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Brazilian traveling to US. Landing in Miami and driving up to NY, SF and Vegas. Could you share interesting places to stop, see, etc.?

I am going to US from Dec 15th to Jan 15th. I will be landing in Miami and staying there at a friend's house for 5 or 6 days.

Then I am getting a rental, and I will be driving from Miami to New York.

The only mandatory stop for me is at Knoxville, TN. I would like to know Washington DC as well.

After getting to NY, I'll spend the new year's there and then fly to San Fransisco, and finally going to LA and Las Vegas.

Please share any hints you may have my way, whether it is some spots to see on Mia-NY route (cities, landmarks, anything you find interesting), or in the SF, LA, Las Vegas route.
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Response by poster: By the way, it's me and my fiancée :)
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St Augustine, FL is the oldest town in America and it's on your way up the coast. Savannah, GA and Charleston, SC are some other beautiful old towns.
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I grew up in the Northeast US, and in my opinion, that's a long, boring drive. If it was me, I'd much rather fly and spend the extra time in NY or Washington. Just my two cents.
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if you are driving, try to make the detour to the grand canyon, A big detour, I know, but it redefines the phrase natural grandeur. The majesty starts at your toes and goes in any and all directions. It's almost more than the mind can hold
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If you intend to drive your way around the US, and if you have the spare cash, I suggest you get yourself a good GPS navigation system and/or a good road atlas.

Many interstate highways will have rest stops every couple of hours, so you can get out, stretch your legs, use the bathroom, etc. Don't be afraid to use these (or any old shopping center you come across). It's better to delay your arrival by 15 minutes or so than fall asleep because you're tired and wrap your car around a tree/pole/underpass/etc.
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Sorry, never mind should've read your whole post first. my bad
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I always recommend Graceland.
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Out of Knoxville, you could head east to Asheville to see the Biltmore Estate and then drive north along the Blue Ridge Parkway. At I-64, head a little further east to visit Monticello. If you want to stay off the interstates, then out of Monticello pick up highway 15 north. Montpelier is a short distance away in Orange, VA.

Once in DC, I really love going to the Botanic Garden for their holiday display and the Capitol Christmas tree right nearby. Eastern Market is another great place to visit. If you want a birds-eye view of DC then the Old Post Office clock tower is a good alternative to the Washington Monument, as is the National Cathedral, which also has Darth Vader.
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What are your interests?

South Beach is always fun -- great shopping, nightclubs and dining.

Charleston, SC is good for a short visit. Skip Atlanta.

All of the Smithsonian museums in DC are terrific. I recommend heading out toward Dulles airport to visit the new Air and Space Museum.

The National Aquarium and the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore are both interesting stops at the Inner Harbor.

The Gettysburg battlefield is simply amazing. I'd recommend reading The Killer Angels before visiting. Take the self-guided auto tour.
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Response by poster: Thank you for your responses so far, I am overwhelmed! Thank you!

We're in our 30s and interested in knowing typical American cities (specially small ones, with cozy dinners, etc. and big ones, with lots of places to visit, eat and shop).

We are definitely interested in shopping, specially clothes and gadgets.

We love food, but not fancy food (at least not often). We love hamburgers, pizza and general America junk food. We also like to see landmarks, like historical buildings or sightseeing places.

I am a big fan of Country music, so anything related to Country may appeal to me, like open mic bars or bars with people performing (even if not Country).

With all that said, we don't have a 100% defined schedule before starting, we only know we'll land in Miami, we want to stop by Knoxville, spend the new year's in NY (I have a hotel booked in NJ but would be OK to change dates) and we want to know the other coast (SF, LA and LV).

But yes, one month for the entire trip. Do you think it would be better for us to fly from Miami to NY, go to DC and then to SF?
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