Will call lists, how do they work?
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So, I've won tickets to Brandon Flower's show at the Riveria in Chicago, IL next week. Problem is, I'll be gone. I want to give my tickets to my friends who are big fans, but my name is on the will call and not in physical tickets. I'm wondering if they can go without me.

The tickets are non-transferable and imply that I'm just on a willcall list with a (2) next to my name.

So, do you think they'll be able to get in by just, y'know, saying my name? It's an all ages show, and in my experience with this set of venues, they don't usually card them.

This basically comes down to being a very local question, but I'd love general tales. I don't want to send my friends 40 minutes downtown and then turn back when they get rejected at the door.
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Anecdotal: I've always had to show ID and/or the credit card used to purchase the tickets at Will Call.

Can you call the box office and ask?
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Good call, I might give it a shot. As in "Hey I'm under 18 and I don't actually have any sort of state sanctioned ID, what should I do?"
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Like rhapsodie says, call the box office or better yet, go down there in person. I mean the actual physical box office at the venue, not Ticketcrapster or whatnot. They shouldn't really have a problem putting a different name on the tickets for you, then your friend can just show his/her own ID and pick up the tickets and all will be happy.

Failing this, could you give your friend a credit card with your name on it for the night, assuming this is the kind of friend you can trust with such an item?
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I think their box office is only open on days when they have shows. I think your best bet is to give your friend your ID. They don't really look at the person, just check the name against the list.
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Nobody pays attention. The asker won the tickets. I would just have your friend go to the box office and say they are you. "Hi, I'm Askiba, I'd like to pick up my tickets please." Claim to have no ID if they ask for it.
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Can you call the organization/group you won the tickets from?

My ex won tickets to Spamalot in Atlanta when we were dating and gave them to me and a friend since he was going to be out of town. He called the blog he won the tickets from and said "I'm going to be late to the show, can my girlfriend's name be put on the will-call so that she can get the tickets on time"... that way he didn't admit to not going, but still got the name changed. Nobody there actually noticed/cared that I went with a female friend.
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