Please help me find more art with a surreal, ocean-related motif.
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I'm looking for a specific kind of art involving people facing the sea...examples inside.

This is kind of hard to describe. I've now come across two paintings (here and here) from two different artists, periods, and styles but with a nearly identical motif: A man, scaled to look quite small in comparison to his surroundings, pensively staring out on the ocean. It would be neat to find similar art and do a clustering of some kind. Any help is appreciated!
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If I remember my art history class correctly, Dutch and Flemish painters liked to paint landscapes in that general proportion (big sky, small people).
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Gustave Courbet painted several atmospheric seascapes: here's one with a lone figure gazing out to sea.
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And perhaps Böcklin's Villa By The Sea or, less akin to your examples, Kupka's The Wave.
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forgot the link...damn this technology....
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Not technically a painting, but there's the evocative final image from The Quiet Earth. Here's a simpler (but more painterly) version.
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Some of Quint Buchholz's work has this kind of conceit.
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Greg Noll sizing up Pipeline.
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Probably some of Lowry's seascapes fit this description
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