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It's Grace, so it must be a smartphone question. This time - how do you get iPhone Remote Desktop to log into an XP Pro PC? Troubleshooting steps inside.

This is our, er, download box and it would be great to log in and check my torrents via our local wireless network. I've checked that it is XP pro; that sharing is turned on; other PCs can remote in and my Mac can get access to the storage. The PCs (both windows 7) can get into the XP box via port 3389 but my iPhone can't. What gives?

When I try to log in, I see the regular screen you would see going in, menu and keyboard controls etc, but instead of the desktop I see a black screen.

Oh and the resolution is set to normal iPhone landscape mode.
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What app are you using to remote desktop?
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That asked, the only iphone rdp app i've personally ever found useable is the wyse pocketcloud rdp client, but it costs $14.99 :-(
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Mochasoft's RDP. if there is a better app for this I'm all ears.
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Yeah, Mochasoft has never worked for me. But it explicitly doesn't support Windows Server, and that's pretty much all I rdp into, at least, for work. Though, I have no idea why it doesn't work with Windows 7, because it's supposed to, at least.
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Have just installed wyse (app store credits are a great present!) and it is awesome, but no connection I'm afraid.

I'm trying to remote into an XP Pro box btw. The two windows 7 boxes are able to remote INTO the xp box.
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I use iRdesktop to do this. No special changes to my setup. Maybe try that app? It's free.

If not there are some VNC apps out there that might do the trick - you can setup VNC Server on the XP box and then try the VNC app to see if you have better results.
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Another thing you may want to try is the settings for resolution in the app? Maybe that'll make a difference - or the colours.
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Rez is set to the size for a landscape view iPhone 3
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Remote desktop is the wrong tool for the job. Why not use a purpose built web GUI? Look at ĀµTorrent or rTorrent.
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My dashing and helpful partner does exactly this. Here's what he says:

[before he looked at the question] You need to have a username AND password login. Right click My Computer and enable it under the Remote tab.

[after looking at the question]
It's hard to say what your problem is. I have a working phone RDP, but it's an app called simply RDP Lite. If you want to post [or MeMail] your IP without your actual password, I could try to see if I can get to the login screen for you; at least then you'd know if it's your app or your computer. A black screen usually means that SOMETHING is happening.

Do you know how to set up the port forward in the router? If you do, you've probably done it right.

If it's set up wrong, it could be trying to open up an RDP session with the wrong computer, like your Mac or something. That's a common reason for the session to freeze (when the port is open but the device it's pointing to isn't responding with the right protocol). The thing is, when you said it works with all her other computers, it could be because they're on the internal network. The port forward is what allows the Internet to get into the home network.

Internet -> iPhone on 3G will need a port forward. iPhone on your home wifi network should be able to connect like all the other computers.
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I've had very good experiences with WinAdmin. It may be overkill for XP Pro, but it's a great VNC client.
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Transmission also has a Web GUI.
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Can you try increasing your resolution? On my phone it's at 1280 x 1024 and colours are "Thousands". Maybe you're trying too low of a resolution and it's angering Remote Desktop
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I use RDM+. Ten bucks.
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Well I have got it working on Wyse, getting into the xp box as well as the win7 box!
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I use LogMeIn, which works well enough but the iPhone client is $30.
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Better late than never, but I use Teamviewer on four different boxes with no worries, specifically to do what you want to do.

I have even d/l'd the torrent file transferred it to the appropriate box and instigated it because I was too lazy to get off the couch. And because I could. :)

I also use it on many more boxes that aren't mine - it's a handy ability to be able to jump on someones PC as and when you have need. As long as they have Teamviewer and you have the password, you're good to go.

Highly recommended.
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