Has anyone successfully used a psychic to find a missing pet?
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We are trying to locate a missing, much-loved, skittish dog?

I know this sounds bizarre, but we have exhausted all other methods. Two years ago we brought our daughter’s Briad dog to stay with us until she and her husband could move into their new house, which was being built. We drove the dog a distance of over 500 miles, from L.A. to our house. Frances is a very timid, sensitive creature who was a rescue dog. She may have suffered trauma in her early life. She grew to trust my daughter and her husband, but was extremely leery of other people, including us. She is microchipped but through a chain of circumstances we did not have her collar when we drove her up. Our daughter was going to send her collar and tags through the mail.
The very first morning, Frances escaped from our yard by running out the doggie door and leaping over a tall fence we had mistakenly assumed would contain her. We followed her, but she is a large, long legged dog who soon outdistanced us. I was heartbroken.
For months we did all the things people do when a pet is missing, but she did not turn up. We think she probably was trying to find her way back to L.A.
If you, or anyone you know, used a pet psychic to locate a missing animal, could you please describe the experience? Thanking you in advance….
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Just to clarify, she's been gone for 2 years?
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Sadly, yes. But there are many documented instances of pets being found after two years, or more.
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I had a good experience with an animal communicator during a lost dog search. She was able to tell us, over the phone, a landmark that the dog was near, and we did in fact find her near that landmark. Now, this was just a couple days after the dog was lost, and it was only maybe a couple miles, if that, from where she jumped out of the car. But the animal communicator was not familiar with the area and it wasn't an easy landmark (not like, "she's near a big tree!") so it seemed to be legit. I have many friends/acquaintances who continue to use her. I would definitely contact her if I had a problem like that in the future.

(I'm not a full believer when it comes to these things, but I'm not a disbeliever. If it were my beloved pet, and I didn't know what else to do, I'd definitely try this.)

If you'd like her contact info, please message me!
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Since the dog was chipped, if it was hurt or turned into a shelter your daughter would have been contacted. It's been living with someone for two years who probably loves it, or it's passed on. At this point, I think you have to leave it.
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I brought my dog to a pet communicator once - I wasn't convinced she knew a darn thing about the dog I was holding right in front of her - I mean, she got some things right but "she wants more bones" is a pretty safe bet.

But as I was getting ready to leave she asked if I was okay with Chewbacca being gone and did I have any questions. That was my pet who had passed away a few months earlier. I am absolutely positive there was no way for this woman to know about that. She described some other details that only my family would know. I can't explain it, but it gave me comfort.

I know that if I were in your place (I'm so sorry), I would give it a try if the cost is not outrageous. I believe there's a chance, and even if you don't learn anything I think there's value in knowing you tried.
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I have a friend that has used the services of an animal communicator to locate a lost pet. I don't know what the details of the experience were, but my friend was very happy with the results.
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I hate to be a debbie-downer, but pet psychics are just like any other psychics. They are good at cold reading, and/or they do research in advance to give them an edge. wrnealis has it right. Either Frances has been living with someone who took her in, or she's no longer living.

If you can spare the money you'd pay to the psychic, well, go for it, I guess. I'd be more supportive of your decision to donate that money to a shelter, so that they can microchip more dogs that get new homes, in the hopes that other dogs will be reunited with their owners.

You might consider telling the psychic that you'll pay half the fee now, but double the fee when the dog is recovered. The psychic's reaction to your proposal would give you some inclination towards how much he/she believes in him/herself.
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