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Help me have a sorta academic vacation in Europe.

Looking for graphic design short courses/workshops in Europe in the next few months.

The duration can be anywhere from a couple of days to a month.

The language must be English, and naturally the course should be open for international students. Cost is not an issue.

Ideally, the focus should be on solid theoretical foundations such as typography, grid systems, etc. NOT "learn Photoshop CS5 in 30 minutes" and such.

I also work with data visualization, computational art, and information design, so courses that touch on that are okay too.

A good example for what I'm looking for is this workshop that seems to have been held last summer.

Thank you, hive mind!
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Central St. Martins has a variety of short courses.
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Finding short and good courses can be tricky off the cuff, but I'd advise perhaps going to a few small conferences. They frequently have workshops (often before the event itself) and there's a lot to learn even in regular talks.

For example, the 4 Designers event in February 2011 or Create11.

On the workshop front, I've heard a lot of great things about the University of Reading's 5 day typeface design course. But the next one is in June.
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You might look into taking a course at Il Bisone's Printmaking School in Florence. I did a year abroad at Italy many years ago; I have no idea if the instructor I studied under is still teaching there. But they have excellent equipment and it's pretty thrilling to do things like etching, aquatint and to make your very own own prints on a traditional printing press.
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