Save me from Spider plants.
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Re-starting my indoor garden: What should I do? I've had a sucessful window-herb-plant garden going for years but then everything just died at once. I want to start fresh, from seed ideally, and as soon as possible. What plants (herb or house) grow in winter (Heated but not that heated apartment) with semi-eastern exposure that don't die if I look at them funny?
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Herbs from seed can be tricky. Rosemary, thyme, oregano and marjoram are pretty hard to kill, provided they get enough drainage and you don't over water (they're Mediterranean plants, so think of that climate.) Basil and Italian parsley are trickier, I think, as mine always seem to get invaded by some insect or another.
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Response by poster: whitefly has been an ...issue in the past.
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We grow lettuce indoors all winter.
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Response by poster: ...I think everything is dead now. Huh. What should I seed now for spring?
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Response by poster: I'm letting everyone but lavender die and then replanting in spring. What's good and indoor friendly to plant?
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