I need birthday present ideas that are less than 10 quid
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I'm looking for present ideas for two thirty-five year old men who both like music, games, film and technology. The only criteria is that they should be available to buy in the UK and cost no more than £10.

We've all agreed to buy each other a birthday present with a max limit of £10. The presents can be useful or useless, sensible or silly, it really doesn't matter.

If you know of things that are useful, cool and under £10 then that would be perfect - but quite frankly, anything amusing and under £10 would work just fine. If the presents come as a pair and you use them to play against each other then that would work too.

I really need to buy them this weekend, so availability on UK websites or UK stores would be required.

(regarding the £10, I could possibly flex a little higher than that - as long as I could get away with pretending that I didn't pay that much).
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Best answer: Do you play any games online together (via Xbox, PS3 or PC)?

Otherwise for cheap-ish gadgets and silly/cool gifts, play.com is a decent resource. Maybe one (or two!) of these each?
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Best answer: Drumstick pencils?

Awesomely unusual tea towels from To Dry For?
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Best answer: Firebox and IWOOT are two sites specifically designed to solve this problem.
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Best answer: Do you have xbox's? The Orange Box game compilation is available for about £13 on Amazon and includes Team Fortress 2 that you can play online against each other.
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Best answer: CableDrops (£10) are pretty cool, and useful; Also: Enviro Battery, Windmill Generator, Weather Station (all £10), solar powered helicopter (this is £15, though); Not really technology in the purest sense, but a good prezzie: Powerball (£7.60); Remote control jammer (£5.90), headphone splitter (£10), gadget grip (£10), USB air ionizer (£6.50), LED finger torch (£3.50).
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Best answer: Have a look at the Science Museum, or if you're not near London or a John Lewis store, their online shop.
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