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NON-Comcast broadband internet options for SW/west Portland, OR metro area (incl. Beaverton/Tigard)?

I hate Comcast with the burning passion of a thousand suns for a variety of reasons. Can anyone recommend DSL/other cable-type broadband options for the areas around west Portland, OR?

Do not want: required phone package or required cable TV package. (I have neither phone nor TV.) I'm flexible with pricing depending on speed and overall service, I suppose.
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Verizon wired all of Beaverton with fiber (FIOS). They sold their terrestrial systems to Frontier, who now operate them.
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Here's Frontier's web page. One of Beaverton's zipcodes is 97005.
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We have now-Frontier FIOS here eastside and their customer service leaves something to be desired. Never had any problems when Verizon was running it but have had a string of problems since the switch, mostly billing-related. YMMV especially as a new customer. (should note that the FIOS service itself is rock-solid)
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Besides Frontier, you might have good luck with Qwest. Might. Qwest has been rolling out 40Mbps service. A coworker of mine has it and raves about it. Drop your address in here to see what speed Qwest will offer. For me, it's 512k terrible DSL.

Clear covers a ton of the metro area as well. Check their coverage map to see if you have service. If you decide to try them, get the equipment and then test the hell out of it at your location. You have 14 days to return all equipment and get out of the contract with them.
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Thanks for the leads, all. I'll be looking into them.
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For the record, I checked against Frontier and Earthlink freestanding DSL (Qwest doesn't service the area I've narrowed down to) and am most likely going with one of Frontier's 1-year plans. I hate being locked in, but that just means I have to be shrewd enough to cancel just when my year is up and shop around again. Maybe Qwest will finally get in there.
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