What is this bug?
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We find these bugs inside and around our house. We live in Cleveland. What are they? Pic here with fountain pop cup for scale. I think its a solifuge but my wife thinks spider, it makes no webs and keeps pretty still.
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Does it really have 7 legs?
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Response by poster: I think one may be hidden or has fallen off.
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It looks like a wolf spider. They are not web builders, but roaming hunters.
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Doesn't really look like a wolf spider to me-they are large and sturdy spiders, and you would KNOW they were a spider when you saw one.

That does look like a spider-in fact I have seen similar in my home-but not sure what kind.
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Yes, it seems likely that it's a spider, as 8 legs usually = spider.
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Not all wolf spiders are huge, St. Alia - there are a huge number of species in the family. And they are prone to losing legs, at least some are. I'm guessing it is the same type as shown here.
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My guess is some form of Opilione, which is an 8-legged arachnid that's not a spider. They're also known as Harvestmen, and the more common Daddy Long Legs fit into this category. Characteristics that fit: They don't make webs, the second pair of legs is longer than all the others, has little fang-type things that stick out in front [which aren't fangs because they're not poisonous]. I looked through some pictures [there's a bagillion different types of Harvestmen] and this little guy looks to be about right.

I googled Solifugae, to see what you were talking about, and I don't think that fits. They look different, for one, and Solifugae are known to be fast, agile, and sporadic in their movements. you said this guy is pretty chill.
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An entomologist friend is a fan of bugguide.net, so you might be able to browse around and find something that looks similar. I would look for you but I get the heebie-jeebies from looking at stuff like this for too long.
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Looks like a wolf spider to me. They can move pretty fast but my experience is that as it gets colder outside they slow way down. They do not make webs. I have had so many of them this year that I thought of getting an exterminator.
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